for the love of public space

Our little girl attends an hour class at The Little Gym once a week.  I look forward to this just as much as she does.  She puts on her cute little sparkly leotard then taps, twirls, and tumbles.  I love to watch her learn new skills and take risks.  I also appreciate using this one hour to reflect on how much my love for Ava has grown.  Maybe chat with other moms or simply just sit in quiet – which doesn’t happen very often.  The point is, I look forward to this one hour every week.

The one thing that can really make this one hour sour is listening to some mom on her mobile.  This behavior really bothers me.  There is such a thing as personal space.  While this mom may not physically be inside my space, her voice is.  It’s ringing in my ears.  It’s loud.  It’s obnoxious.  It’s in my space.

Why have such disregard for current surroundings and conduct business or have personal conversations via mobile in such a public space?  Isn’t the point of public space to share?  Share space.  Why has this space been taken over with mobile madness?  Does a strange group of people need to hear a one-sided conversation about a personal problem?  Why is public space becoming the place to conduct all personal matters?

I’ve overheard about break-ups, family members in financial straits, and the vow to swear off men and stick to reading books.  The talkers:  do they think we can’t hear them?  Or is it they just don’t care?  The mobile talkers that chat away while waiting in line…their turn comes up and they keep talking!  This – is – rude.  Someone is ready to take your order, there is a line of other customers waiting for their hot latte.  Hang Up!

If you can’t shut your conversation off, stay outside or step aside.  Please be kind and considerate and get out of our space.  We don’t want to hear what you’re about to say.

What have you overheard lately?


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