I’ve come to love and appreciate food.  The kind of food that I know my body needs and will process without failing me.  The kind of food that makes my mouth happy and want to share with others because not only does it taste really good, it’s good for you.

There is an abundance of bad food in the grocery store that is disguised as “good for your health”.  Low carb, sugar-free, lean protein, pre-packaged, etc.  I don’t buy into all that rubbish.  I don’t like the taste of a low carb snack and I certainly don’t like the taste of fake sugar.  Even the supposedly “taste like the real thing” sugar substitutes – you know the ones.  The moment one of those sugar-free drinks hit my tongue I know it’s fake.  I don’t like it and I don’t want to learn to like it.  Those drinks should be killed off.

I believe food is supposed to taste good and nourish our bodies.  We’re supposed to be able to sit down at a meal and enjoy it, take our time with it, maybe even talk to it, or pet it, and be able to walk away satisfied.  Not craving more.  Not over stuffing our face.

On that note, I want to share a wonderful recipe with you that we enjoyed this evening as a family.  It’s from one of my all time favorite sites:  Tom and Ali are the smart authors of this blog and its recipes.  This is my go to site when I’m looking to make something nutritious and delicious.  And sometimes special.

Follow this link to see what we had on our plates tonight  The chicken was delicious!  Our almost 5-year-old daughter ate both of the legs, with the skin.  I sautéed some green cabbage in a bit of coconut oil to go along with the chicken.  And that was it.  Super easy, good for our bodies, and our mouths were very happy.

What’s your favorite homemade healthy meal?


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